CoreDNS-1.6.1 Release

CoreDNS-1.6.1 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.6.1.

This is a small (bug fix) release.


  • Fix a panic in the hosts plugin.
  • The reload now detects changes in files imported from the main Corefile.
  • route53 increases the paging size when talking to the AWS API, this decreases the chances of getting throttled.

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Alan, AllenZMC, dzzg, Erik Wilson, Matt Kulka, Miek Gieben, Yong Tang.

Noteworthy Changes

core: log panics ( plugin/hosts: create inline map in setup ( plugin/reload: Graceful reload of imported files ( plugin/route53: Increase ListResourceRecordSets paging size. (

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