CoreDNS-001 Release

CoreDNS-001 Release Notes.

CoreDNS-001 has been released. This is the first release! It provides a complete DNS server, that also does DNSSEC and is useful for service discovery in cloud setups.

What is CoreDNS?

CoreDNS is a DNS server that started its life as a fork of the Caddy web(!)server.

It chains plugin, where each plugin implements some DNS feature. CoreDNS is a complete replacement (with more features, and maybe less bugs) for SkyDNS.

It is also useful as a normal DNS server, featuring DNSSEC, on-the-fly signing and zone transfers.

What is New

CoreDNS is now a (the first!) server type plugin in Caddy - this means we can leverage a lot of code from Caddy without having to fork (and maintain) it all. By doing so we were able to remove 9000 lines of code from CoreDNS.

The core (ghe!) of CoreDNS is now in a good shape. Future work will focus on making the plugin better, e.g. the proxy implementation is slow and needs to be faster.

New Plugins

  • There is now a specific plugin to deal with Kubernetes.
  • The bind plugin allows you to bind to a specific IP address, instead of using the wildcard address.
  • A whoami plugin reports back your address and port.
  • All other plugins are reworked to fit in the new plugin framework from Caddy version 0.9 (and up).

The whoami plugin is also used when CoreDNS starts up and can’t find a Corefile.


The following people helped with getting this release done:

Cricket Liu, elcore, FĂ©lix Cantournet, Ilya Dmitrichenko, Joe Blow, Lee, Matt Layher, Michael Richmond, Miek Gieben, pixelbender, Yong Tang.

If you want to help, please check out one of the issues and start coding!

For documentation and help, see our community page.

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