CoreDNS: DNS and Service Discovery

What is it?

CoreDNS is a DNS server. It is written in Go. It can be used in a multitude of environments because of its flexibility. CoreDNS is licensed under the Apache License Version 2, and completely open source.
Development takes place on Github. Some devs hang out on Slack on the #coredns channel.


CoreDNS chains plugins. Each plugin performs a DNS function, such as Kubernetes service discovery, prometheus metrics, rewriting queries, or just serving from zone files. And many more.

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We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation graduated project.

Service Discovery

CoreDNS integrates with Kubernetes via the Kubernetes plugin, or with etcd with the etcd plugin. All major cloud providers have plugins too: Microsoft Azure DNS, GCP Cloud DNS and AWS Route53.

Fast and Flexible

We aim to make CoreDNS fast and efficient. It is also flexible thanks to its plugins. You can compile CoreDNS with only the plugins you need.


We strive to keep things as simple as possible and have sane defaults. Here is the Corefile for {
 transfer {
  to *
 sign zones/ {
  key file

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