Query Routing

Which plugin will handle a query?

Quiz time, in the following Corefile:

. {
  proxy .
  file db.example.com

Will a query for www.google.com be handled by the proxy or the file plugin? Answer below.

What does this Corefile actually say? It specifies that queries for root (.) and everything below it (so for all domain names) we should enter this stanza.

Next all queries should be forwarded to

Then because the file plugin does not specify what zones should be answered from the db.example.com file, the toplevel one applies, which is root (.)

So we are left with a situation where both plugins will be called for the same names (which can be perfectly valid for plugin that calls other chained-in plugin).

But proxy will not call file because the query will be answered and done with after the plugin exists - the same is true for the opposite direction.

To look what into what happens here we have to look the plugins ordering:


And we see that file is first and proxy comes somewhat later. This means that in the example above all queries are routed to the file plugin. It will happily answer those with SERVFAIL, because it probably can’t find www.google.com in a file that will mostly have *.example.com names in it.

In order to fix this, we should either have to separate stanza or specify the origin(s) for the file plugin:

. {
  proxy .
  file db.example.com example.com

To preempt a feature request: Yes, it would be nice of CoreDNS can detect and warn about this (it does not do this now).

Miek Gieben
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