Why CNCF for CoreDNS?

CoreDNS is now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

CoreDNS has been accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as an inception project! We figure some of you may be wondering why we proposed CoreDNS as a CNCF project, so we wrote this blog entry.

Our goal is to make CoreDNS the cloud-native DNS server and service discovery solution. The CNCF as an organization is focused on the advancement of cloud-native architectures. So, to us, this is an excellent match. Service discovery is a key component of the CNCF cloud-native landscape, and this is a role in which CoreDNS excels.

We hope this added visibility will attract more users and contributors to grow the project. And we will be active in promoting CoreDNS, like in the up coming CloudNative/KubeCon.

CNCF provides a lot of support - evidence of which you can already see in our new logo, which was designed by the team at the Linux Foundation (of which CNCF is a part). As a CNCF project, we will have space at CloudNativeCon/KubeCon and other events to interact with users and get feedback on how the community is using CoreDNS. Additionally, we gain access to deep experience and wide ranging use cases of the CNCF end user community. This helps inform the future development of CoreDNS, ensuring that we move in directions that solve meaningful problems in cloud-native architectures.

We are also planning to take advantage of the CNCF cluster, which will allow us to really push the scale limits of CoreDNS when operating against large Kubernetes clusters or other high-scale environments. We need that kind of battle-testing to ensure CoreDNS becomes the best option for cloud-native DNS and service discovery.

John Belamaric
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