CoreDNS-0.9.9 Release

CoreDNS-0.9.9 Release Notes.

CoreDNS-0.9.9 has been released! (yes, we’ve moved to semver)

CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins, where each plugin implements a DNS feature.

Release 0.9.9 is a major release, with lots of fixes.


  • We’ve renamed middleware.Middleware to plugin.Plugin. This is backwards incompatible for external middleware plugins, but you can update your plugin by just replacing [Mm]iddleware with [Pp]lugin:
     sed 's/Middleware/Plugin/'g -i *.go
     sed 's/middleware/plugin/'g -i *.go

From now on we’ll use the term plugin in our documentation and code.


  • etcd’s debug queries are removed.
  • hosts gets inline host definitions that add or overwrite those from /etc/hosts.
  • auto, file now poll every minute for on disk changes (inotify wasn’t working).
  • rewrite can chain rules and perform multiple changes on a message.
  • kubernetes uses protobuf to communicate with the kubernetes API and performance improvements when there are a large number of services.
  • dnstap saw several fixes, including sending tap messages out-of-band.
  • cache apply configured TTL to first answer returned.
    • Don’t cache TTL=0 messages.
  • proxy smaller timeouts and the health check GET was given a timeout.
    • Better metrics: add a request counter metrics and change the ‘from’ label to ‘to’ so we count/duration per upstream.
  • dnssec now signs NODATA responses.

External Plugins

Two new external plugins were added:

  • ipecho parses the IP out of a subdomain and echos it back as an record.
  • forward facilitates proxying DNS messages to upstream resolvers.


The following people helped with getting this release done:

antonkyrylenko, Chris O’Haver, Chris West, Damian Myerscough, Isolus, John Belamaric, Miek Gieben, Sandeep Rajan, Thong Huynh, varyoo, Yong Tang.

If you want to help, please check out one of the issues and start coding!

For documentation and help, see our community page.

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