CoreDNS-1.0.5 Release

CoreDNS-1.0.5 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.0.5! This release has bug fixes, documentation fixes, polish and new plugins.


Add ability to really compile out the default plugins.


  • A new plugin route53 was added that enables serving zone data from AWS route53, see the documentation.

  • A new plugin on was added. This is an external Caddy plugin, that is now also available (by default) for CoreDNS; it allows you to run commands when an event is generated.

  • cache doesn’t apply a 5s minimum TTL anymore. It fixes prefetching and correctly sets the metrics for cache hits and misses.

  • dnssec fixes handing out expired signatures after 8 days and properly filters out the qtype in the NSEC bitmap for NXDOMAIN responses.

  • log adds message ID {>id} to the default logging.

  • health has gotten a lameduck option that will nack health, but will keep the server running for a configurable duration when CoreDNS is being shut down. If metrics are enabled health exports a metric that curls the local endpoint and exports the duration. Useful for getting a sense of overloadedness of the process.

  • rewrite can now rewrite answers for name regex matches. This prevents DNS clients from ignoring the answers due to a mismatch with the original question.

  • secondary saw a bunch of fixes.


The following people helped with getting this release done:

Christian Nilsson, cricketliu, Francois Tur, Ilya Galimyanov, Miek Gieben, Paul Greenberg, Ruslan Drozhdzh, Tobias Schmidt, Yong Tang, Yue Ko.

If you want to help, please check out one of the issues and start coding! For documentation and help, see our community page.

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