CoreDNS-1.2.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.2.0 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.2.0!

In this release we have a new plugin, bump etcd to version 3 and bugfixes.


Enable watch functionality when CoreDNS is used as a gRPC server (documented in the code - for now).


  • A new plugin called metadata was added. It adds metadata to a query, via the context.
  • The etcd plugin now supports etcd version 3 (only!). It was impossible to support v2 and v3 at the same time (even as separate plugins); so we decided to drop v2 support.
  • Fix a race/crash in the cache plugin when prefetch is enabled.
  • The forward plugin has a prefer_udp option, that even when the incoming query is over TCP, the outgoing one will be tried over UDP first.
  • secondary plugin has a bug fix for zone expiration: don’t expire zones if we can reach the primary, but see no zone changes.
  • The auto plugin now works better with Kubernetes Configmaps.


The following people helped with getting this release done: Chris O’Haver, Eren Güven, Eugen Kleiner, Francois Tur, Isolus, Joey Espinosa, John Belamaric, Jun Li, Marcus André, Miek Gieben, Nitish Tiwari, Ruslan Drozhdzh, Tobias Schmidt, Yong Tang.

For documentation see our (in progress!) manual. For help and other resources, see our community page.

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