CoreDNS-1.3.1 Release

CoreDNS-1.3.1 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.3.1! This is a fairly small release that allows us to announce some backwards incompatible changes in the next (1.4.0) release:

  • The upstream directive used in various plugin will start to default to the coredns process itself. This allow those resolutions to take advantage of other plugins (i.e. caching). The etcd’s plugin StubDomain subsystem relied heavily on this functionality and as such will be removed from that plugin.

  • Multiple endpoints in kubernetes will not be supported going forward.


Mostly documentation updates in various plugins. Plus a small fix where we stop setting the RA (recursion available) flag on responses in plugins that don’t provide recursion.

  • log now allows multiple names to be specified.

  • import was added to give it a to make its documentation more discoverable.

  • kubernetes TTL is also applied to negative responses (NXDOMAIN, etc).

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Chris O’Haver, ckcd, Isolus, jmpcyc, Miek Gieben, Taras Tsugrii, Yong Tang.

For documentation see our (in progress!) manual. For help and other resources, see our community page.

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