CoreDNS-1.5.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.5.0 Release Notes.

A new release: CoreDNS-1.5.0.

Two new plugins in this release: grpc, and ready. And some polish and simplifications in the core server code.

The use of TIMEOUT and no_reload in file and auto have been fully deprecated. As is the proxy plugin.

And a update on two important and active bugs:

  • 2593 seems to hone in on Docker and/or the container environment being a contributing factor.

  • 2624 is because of TLS session negotiating in the forward plugin.


  • The ready plugin was added that signals a plugin is ready to receive queries. First user is the kubernetes plugin.
  • The grpc plugin was added to implement forwarding gRPC. If you were relying on this in the proxy you can migrate to this one.
  • The cancel plugin was added that adds a context.WithTimeout to each context (but not enabled - yet).
  • The forward plugin adds dnstap support.
  • The route53 plugin now supports wildcards.
  • The pprof plugin adds a block option that enables the block profiling.
  • The prometheus plugin adds a coredns_plugin_enabled metric that shows which plugins are enabled.
  • The chaos plugin returns the maintainers when queried for “authors.bind TXT CH”.
  • The resyncperiod option in kubernetes now defaults to zero seconds, which disables resyncing.


  • The resyncperiod option in kubernetes is deprecated and will be made a no-op in 1.6.0 and removed in 1.7.0.

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