CoreDNS-1.5.1 Release

CoreDNS-1.5.1 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.5.1.

Various bugfixes, better documentation and cleanups.

The -cpu flag is somewhat redundant (cgroups/systemd/GOMAXPROCS are better ways to deal with this) and we want to remove it; if you depend on it in some way please voice that in this PR otherwise we’ll remove it in the next release.


  • A new plugin any that block ANY queries according to RFC 8482 was added.

  • Failed reload fixes for: ready, health and prometheus - when CoreDNS reloads and the Corefile is invalid these plugins now keep on working. The reload also gained a metric that export failed reloads. (PR.

  • tls now has a client_auth option that allows verification of client TLS certificates. Note that the default behavior continues to be to not require validation, however in version 1.6.0 this default will change to required_and_verify if the CA is provided.

  • kubernetes can now publish metadata about the request and, if pods verified is enabled, about the client Pod. To enable this, you must enable the metadata plugin. And also return pod IPs for running pods, instead of just the first (PR and PR

  • The cache now sets the Authoritative bit on replies (PR). Further more it also caches DNS failures (PR)

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