CoreDNS-1.6.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.6.0 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.6.0.

The -cpu flag is removed from this version.

This release sports changes in the file plugin. A speed up in the log plugin and fixes in the cache and hosts plugins.

Upcoming deprecation: the kubernetes federation plugin will be moved to This is likely to happen in CoreDNS 1.7.0.


  • The file got lot of bug fixes and it now loads zones lazily on start, i.e. if the zonefile does not exist, it keeps trying with every reload period.
  • The cache fixes a race.
  • Multiple fixes in the route53 plugin.
  • And the kubernetes removes the resyncperiod option.
  • The host appended entries from /etc/hosts on each (re-)parse, instead of overwriting them.
  • Speed ups in the log plugin.

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