CoreDNS-1.6.3 Release

CoreDNS-1.6.3 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.6.3.

In this release we have moved the federation plugin to, but it is still fully functional in this version. In version 1.7.0 we expect to deprecate it.

Further more a slew a spelling corrections, and other minor improvements and polish. And two new plugins: clouddns and sign.


  • clouddns to enable serving zone data from GCP Cloud DNS.
  • sign that (DNSSEC) signs your zonefiles (in its most basic form).
  • file various update, plug a memory leak when doing zone transfers, among other things.

We’ve removed the time stamping from pkg/log as timestamps are also added by the logging aggregators, like journald or inside Kubernetes. And a small ASCII art logo is now printed when CoreDNS starts up.

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