CoreDNS-1.7.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.7.0 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.7.0.

This is a backwards incompatible release. Major changes include: * Better metrics names. * The federation plugin (allows for v1 Kubernetes federation) has been removed. We’ve also removed some supporting code from the kubernetes plugin, so it will not build as an external plugin (with this version of CoreDNS).

As this was already backwards incompatible release, we took the liberty to stuff as much of it in one release as possible to minimize the disruption going forward.

A new plugin, dns64 as promoted from external to a plugin that is included by default. This plugin “enables DNS64 IPv6 transition mechanism.”

Metric Changes

It’s mostly dropping count from _total metrics names:

  • coredns_request_block_count_total -> coredns_dns_blocked_requests_total
  • coredns_request_allow_count_total -> coredns_dns_allowed_requests_total

  • coredns_dns_acl_request_block_count_total -> coredns_acl_blocked_requests_total

  • coredns_dns_acl_request_allow_count_total -> coredns_acl_allowed_requests_total

  • coredns_autopath_success_count_total -> coredns_autopath_success_total

  • coredns_forward_request_count_total -> coredns_forward_requests_total

  • coredns_forward_response_rcode_count_total -> coredns_forward_responses_total

  • coredns_forward_healthcheck_failure_count_total -> coredns_forward_healthcheck_failures_total

  • coredns_forward_healthcheck_broken_count_total -> coredns_forward_healthcheck_broken_total

  • coredns_forward_max_concurrent_reject_count_total -> coredns_forward_max_concurrent_rejects_total

  • coredns_grpc_request_count_total -> coredns_grpc_requests_total

  • coredns_grpc_response_rcode_count_total -> coredns_grpc_responses_total

  • coredns_panic_count_total -> coredns_panics_total

  • coredns_dns_request_count_total -> coredns_dns_requests_total

  • coredns_dns_request_do_count_total -> coredns_dns_do_requests_total

  • coredns_dns_response_rcode_count_total -> coredns_dns_responses_total

  • coredns_reload_failed_count_total -> coredns_reload_failed_total

  • coredns_cache_size -> coredns_cache_entries

And note that coredns_dns_request_type_count_total is now part of coredns_dns_requests_total .

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