CoreDNS-1.8.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.8.0 Release Notes.

The CoreDNS team has released CoreDNS-1.8.0.

If you are running 1.7.1 you want to upgrade for the cache plugin fixes.

This release also adds three backwards incompatible changes. This will only affect you if you have an external plugin or use outgoing zone transfers. If you’re using dnstap in your plugin, you’ll need to upgrade to the new API as detailed in it’s documentation.

Two, because Caddy is now developing a version 2 and we are using version 1, we’ve internalized Caddy into This means the caddy types change and all plugins need to fix the import path from: to (this can thankfully be automated).

And lastly, the transfer plugin is now made a first class citizen and plugins wanting to perform outgoing zone transfers now use this plugin: file, auto, secondary and kubernetes are converted. For this you must change your Corefile from (e.g.): {
    file {
        transfer to *
        transfer to

To {
    transfer {
        to *

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