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amazondns - enables serving an authoritative name server using Amazon DNS Server as the backend.


The amazondns plugin behaves Authoritative name server using Amazon DNS Server as the backend.

The Amazon DNS server is used to resolve the DNS domain names that you specify in a private hosted zone in Route 53. However, the server acts as Caching name server. Although CoreDNS has proxy plugin and we can configure Amazon DNS server as the backend, it can’t be Authoritative name server. In my case, Authoritative name server is required to handle delegated responsibility for the subdomain. That’s why I created this plugin.


amazondns ZONE [ADDRESS] {
    soa RR
    ns RR
    nsa RR
  • ZONE the zone scope for this plugin.
  • ADDRESS defines the Amazon DNS server address specifically. If no ADDRESS entry, this plugin resovles it automatically using Instance Metadata.
  • soa RR SOA record with RFC 1035 style.
  • ns RR NS record(s) with RFC 1035 style.
  • nsa RR A record(s) for the NS(s) with RFC 1035 style. The IP address will be the private IP address of the EC2 instance on which CoreDNS is running with this plugin. Note: You need to boot CoreDNS on an EC2 instance in the VPC because we can’t access to Amazon DNS server from outside the VPC.


Create an authoritative name server for with two name servers( and

. {
    amazondns {
        soa " 3600 IN SOA (2018030619 3600 1200 1209600 900)"
        ns " 3600 IN NS"
        ns " 3600 IN NS"
        nsa " 3600 IN A"
        nsa " 3600 IN A"