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git - pull git repositories.


git clones a git repository into the site. This makes it possible to deploy your zones with a simple git push.

The git plugin starts a service routine that runs during the lifetime of the server. When the service starts, it clones the repository. While the server is still up, it pulls the latest every so often. You can also set up a webhook to pull immediately after a push. In regular git fashion, a pull only includes changes, so it is very efficient.

If a pull fails, the service will retry up to three times. If the pull was not successful by then, it won’t try again until the next interval.

This plugin requires git to be installed on the system.

Webhooks are not supported, this is a pure pull model.


  • REPO is the URL to the repository; SSH and HTTPS URLs are supported

  • PATH is the path, relative to site root, to clone the repository into; default is site root

This simplified syntax pulls from master every 3600 seconds (1 hour) and only works for public repositories.

For more control or to use a private repository, use the following syntax:

git [REPO PATH] {
	repo        REPO
	path        PATH
	branch      BRANCH
	interval    INTERVAL
	args        ARGS
	pull_args   PULL_ARGS
  • REPO is the URL to the repository; only HTTPS URLs are supported.

  • PATH is the path to clone the repository into; default is site root (if set). It can be absolute or relative (to site root). See the root plugin.

  • BRANCh is the branch or tag to pull; default is master branch. {latest} is a placeholder for latest tag which ensures the most recent tag is always pulled.

  • INTERVAl is the number of seconds between pulls; default is 3600 (1 hour), minimum 5. An interval of -1 disables periodic pull.

  • ARGS is the additional cli args to pass to git clone e.g. --depth=1. git clone is called when the source is being fetched the first time.

  • PULL_ARGS is the additional cli args to pass to git pull e.g. -s recursive -X theirs. git pull is used when the source is being updated.


Public repository pulled into site root every hour:


Public repository pulled into the “subdir” directory in the site root:

git subdir

Also See

The root plugin for setting the root.