azure enables serving zone data from Microsoft Azure DNS service.


The azure plugin is useful for serving zones from Microsoft Azure DNS. The azure plugin supports all the DNS records supported by Azure, viz. A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SRV, and TXT record types. NS record type is not supported by azure private DNS.


    tenant TENANT_ID
    client CLIENT_ID
    secret CLIENT_SECRET
    subscription SUBSCRIPTION_ID
    environment ENVIRONMENT
    fallthrough [ZONES...]
    access private
  • RESOURCE_GROUP:ZONE is the resource group to which the hosted zones belongs on Azure, and ZONE the zone that contains data.

  • CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET are the credentials for Azure, and tenant specifies the TENANT_ID to be used. SUBSCRIPTION_ID is the subscription ID. All of these are needed to access the data in Azure.

  • environment specifies the Azure ENVIRONMENT.

  • fallthrough If zone matches and no record can be generated, pass request to the next plugin. If ZONES is omitted, then fallthrough happens for all zones for which the plugin is authoritative.

  • access specifies if the zone is public or private. Default is public.


Enable the azure plugin with Azure credentials for private zones, example.private: {
    azure resource_group_foo:example.private {
      tenant 123abc-123abc-123abc-123abc
      client 123abc-123abc-123abc-234xyz
      subscription 123abc-123abc-123abc-563abc
      secret mysecret
      access private

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