chaos allows for responding to TXT queries in the CH class.


This is useful for retrieving version or author information from the server by querying a TXT record for a special domainname in the CH class.


chaos [VERSION] [AUTHORS...]
  • VERSION is the version to return. Defaults to CoreDNS-<version>, if not set.
  • AUTHORS is what authors to return. This defaults to all GitHub handles in the OWNERS files.

Note that you have to make sure that this plugin will get actual queries for the following zones: version.bind, version.server, authors.bind, hostname.bind and id.server.


Specify all the zones in full.

version.bind version.server authors.bind hostname.bind id.server {
    chaos CoreDNS-001

Or just default to .:

.  {
    chaos CoreDNS-001

And test with dig:

% dig @localhost CH TXT version.bind
version.bind.		0	CH	TXT	"CoreDNS-001"