import includes files or references snippets from a Corefile.


The import plugin can be used to include files into the main configuration. Another use is to reference predefined snippets. Both can help to avoid some duplication.

This is a unique plugin in that import can appear outside of a server block. In other words, it can appear at the top of a Corefile where an address would normally be.


import PATTERN
  • PATTERN is the file, glob pattern (*) or snippet to include. Its contents will replace this line, as if that file’s contents appeared here to begin with.


You can use import to include a file or files. This file’s location is relative to the Corefile’s location. It is an error if a specific file cannot be found, but an empty glob pattern is not an error.


You can define snippets to be reused later in your Corefile by defining a block with a single-token label surrounded by parentheses:

(mysnippet) {

Then you can invoke the snippet with import:

import mysnippet


Import a shared configuration:

. {
   import config/common.conf

Where config/common.conf contains:


This imports files found in the zones directory:

import ../zones/*

See Also

See corefile(5).