whoami returns your resolver’s local IP address, port and transport.


The whoami plugin is not really that useful, but can be used for having a simple (fast) endpoint to test clients against. When whoami returns a response it will have your client’s IP address in the additional section as either an A or AAAA record.

The reply always has an empty answer section. The port and transport are included in the additional section as a SRV record, transport can be “tcp” or “udp”.

._<transport>.qname. 0 IN SRV 0 0 <port> .

The whoami plugin will respond to every A or AAAA query, regardless of the query name.

If CoreDNS can’t find a Corefile on startup this is the default plugin that gets loaded. As such it can be used to check that CoreDNS is responding to queries. Other than that this plugin is of limited use in production.




Start a server on the default port and load the whoami plugin.

. {

When queried for “example.org A”, CoreDNS will respond with:

;example.org.   IN       A

example.org.            0       IN      A
_udp.example.org.       0       IN      SRV     0 0 40212

See Also

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