Add External Plugins

How to add a link to external plugin?

If you want to have your external plugin listed create a pull request.

In that pull request you’ll need to add a file to content/explugins/ that looks like this:

title = "<plugin name>"
description = "*<plugin name>* is a ..."
weight = 10
tags = [  "plugin" , "<plugin name>" ]
categories = [ "plugin", "external" ]
date = "2017-07-22T12:37:19+01:00"
repo = "https://link-to-your-plugin-repo"
home = "https://link-to-your-homepage-or-readme"

## Description

The *<plugin name>* plugin is a ...

## Syntax

## Example

See for an example on how to do this.

Note that description needs to be a full sentence, and that repo must be a Go-gettable link that can be put in plugins.cfg.

Go Modules

Note we found the Go modules can interact badly with how external plugins are compiled into CoreDNS. Various external plugins have removed the go.mod and go.sum files entirely to work around issues, see for instance unbound.

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