Add External Plugins

How to add a link to external plugin?

If you want to have your external plugin listed create a pull request.

In that pull request you’ll need to add a file to content/blog/explugins/ that looks like this:

title = "<plugin name>"
description = "*<plugin name>* is a ..."
weight = 10
tags = [  "plugin" , "<plugin name>" ]
categories = [ "plugin", "external" ]
date = "2017-07-22T12:37:19+01:00"
repo = "https://link-to-your-plugin-repo"
home = "https://link-to-your-homepage-or-readme"

## Description

The *<plugin name>* plugin is a ...

## Syntax

## Example

See for an example on how to do this.

Note that description needs to be a full sentence, and that repo must be a Go-gettable link that can be put in plugins.cfg.

Miek Gieben
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