When Should Plugins be External?

When should plugins be external?

The plugin.md in the CoreDNS source tree has some pointers on what a plugin for CoreDNS should have as minimum requirements. It basically boils down to: documentation, tests and working.

It is easier to list when a plugin can be included in CoreDNS than to say it should stay external, so we will do the first:

  • First, the plugin should be useful for other people. “Useful” is a subjective term, but the plugin needs to fill a niche that appeals to more than one person.
  • It should be sufficiently different from other plugin to warrant inclusion.
  • Current internet standards need be supported: IPv4 and IPv6, so A and AAAA records should be handled (if your plugin is in the business of dealing with address records that is).
  • It must have tests.
  • It must have a README.md for documentation.

Plugin for CoreDNS can live out-of-tree, plugin.cfg defaults to CoreDNS’ repo but other repos work just as well, so it is pretty easy to use your plugin even though it is out-of-tree.

Miek Gieben
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