CoreDNS-1.1.2 Release

CoreDNS-1.1.2 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.1.2!

This release has some fixes in the plugins and no core updates.


  • forward has received a large pile of fixes and improvements.
  • reload: the metrics and health plugin saw fixes for this reload issue, still not 100% perfect, but a whole lot better than it was.
  • log now allows ORing of log classes.
  • metrics: add a server label to make each metric unique to the server handling it. This impacts all plugins, currently proxy and forward have been updated to include a server label.
  • debug: when enabled plugins show their log.Debug output (none of the included plugins use this yet).
  • kubernetes has a small fix for apex queries.


The following people helped with getting this release done:

Chris O’Haver, Francois Tur, Maksim Paramonau, Miek Gieben, Moto Ishizawa, Ruslan Drozhdzh, Scott Donovan, Tobias Schmidt, Uladzimir Trehubenka.

For documentation see our (in progress!) manual. For help and other resources, see our community page.

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