CoreDNS-1.1.3 Release

CoreDNS-1.1.3 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.1.3!

This release has fixes in the plugins, small core updates and experimental DNS over HTTPs support. We also announce the deprecation of a few things.


Experimental DNS-over-HTTPS support was added in the server. Use https:// as the server’s scheme in the configuration.

The -log flag actually doesn’t do anything, so this is a deprecation notice that this flag will be removed in the next release.


  • metrics All in-tree plugins serve metrics with a server label.
    • cache and dnssec drop the capacity metrics
    • add a panic counter: coredns_panic_count_total
  • etcd supports A and AAAA record under the zone’s apex.
  • rewrite now handles continue in response rewrites.
  • forward clean ups, esp when shutting it down.
  • cache adds some optimization.
  • kubernetes adds option to ignore services without ready endpoints.
  • Deprecation notice for the reverse plugin.
  • Deprecation notice for the https_google protocol in proxy.


The following people helped with getting this release done:

Ahmet Alp Balkan, Anton Antonov, Cem T├╝rker, Chris O’Haver, darkweaver87, Eugen Kleiner, Francois Tur, John Belamaric, Mario Kleinsasser, Miek Gieben, Ruslan Drozhdzh, Silver, Tobias Schmidt, Yong Tang.

For documentation see our (in progress!) manual. For help and other resources, see our community page.

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