CoreDNS-1.4.0 Release

CoreDNS-1.4.0 Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreDNS-1.4.0! Our first release after we became a graduated project in CNCF.

Deprecation notice for the next release:

  • auto will deprecate TIMEOUT and recommends the use of RELOAD (2516).
  • auto and file will deprecate NO_RELOAD and recommends the use of RELOAD set to 0 (2536).
  • health will revert back to report process level health without plugin status. A new ready plugin will make sure plugins have at least completed their startup sequence.
  • The proxy will be moved to an external repository and as such be deprecated from the default set of plugin; use the forward as a replacement.

The previous announced deprecations have been enacted.

The (unused) gRPC watch functionally was removed from the server.

Note we’re actively working on two (probably related) bugs (2593, 2624) which should hopefully result in a fix and a new release fairly quickly.


Random updates in documentation and fixes in tests and various plugins.

  • kubernetes fixes the logging now that kubernetes' client lib switched to klog from glog.

  • hosts fixes IPv4 addresses in IPV6 syntax.

  • etcd adds credential support and a fix for the reply when the host field is empty.

  • log has been made more efficient.

  • forward drops out of order messages, this is solve occasionally FORMERRs people saw.

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Think we never had so many contributors for a single release. This is really nice to see. Thank you all:

AdamDang, Anders Ingemann, Andrey Meshkov, Brian Bao, Carl-Magnus Bj√∂rkell, Chris Aniszczyk, Chris O’Haver, Christophe de Carvalho, ckcd, Dan Kohn, Darshan Chaudhary, DO ANH TUAN, Guillaume Gelin, Guy Templeton, JoeWrightss, Kenjiro Nakayama, LongKB, Miek Gieben, mrasu, Nguyen Hai Truong, Nguyen Phuong An, Nguyen Quang Huy, Nguyen Van Duc, Nguyen Van Trung, Rob Maas, Ruslan Drozhdzh, Sandeep Rajan, Thomas Mangin, tuanvcw, Uladzimir Trehubenka, Xiao An, Xuanwo, Ye Ben, Yong Tang.

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